Bunk beds – the ultimate space (and money) saver!

Designing and furnishing a bedroom is an exciting experience with room to be as creative as you please. From paint color to decor to furniture, there are many elements that go into making a bedroom one of a kind. A key element that completes a bedroom is, well, a bed! The center of a bedroom, the bed is an integral part, not only when it comes to the layout, look, and design, but overall comfort as well. While some opt for the largest of large beds, there are those who don’t have that much space to work with. For those with limited space or simply for those looking to do something different, bunk beds are a great option. Many bunk bed online shops have a wide range of bunk beds, each with their own unique, encompassing features.

Low on space? Looking to accommodate more? Here are a few reasons why bunk beds make a great option for any bedroom!

Major space savers

Is your bedroom a little smaller than you would like it to be? Perhaps it’s a good size, however, you just want to free up some space. In either instance, bunk beds work wonders when it comes to opening up a room. When sharing a space, accommodating two beds can be difficult and the bigger the frame, the less room there is for anything else. Stacked bedding can help create a comfortable, shared living space.

Loft bunk beds are a great option for those rooming solo who want to save on space. Loft bunk beds have a singular bed up top and empty space at the bottom. This empty space can be utilized as an office area, lounge area, or an extra storage area, eliminating the need for a separate space for these entities. When it comes to saving space, there is no contender for the bunk bed!


The cost of decorating and furnishing a room can add up quickly, so saving money where possible is a win. Bunk beds are a cost-efficient option for a plethora of reasons. For one, bunk bed units are sold as one piece, eliminating the need to purchase a headboard, which can easily add a few hundred dollars to your bill. In larger respects, bunk beds can help eliminate the need for extra rooms by creating a sense of combined living. If a family of 5 is looking for a home within a certain budget, the need for an additional room can increase the cost of the home substantially. Provided people are okay with sharing bedroom accommodations, this can save some serious money.

Select bunk beds also come with built-in storage, eliminating the need to purchase items such as cabinets, dressers, and hanging racks. Not only will not having these products open up even more space, but it will also saving you hundreds of dollars on these pieces.

The possibilities are endless

With regular bedding, there are only so many ways you can change up their look within a room. With bunk beds, however, there is a multitude of possibilities. First and foremost, there is a surfeit of bunk bed designs with some including; built-in storage, built-in bookshelves, staircase, detachable frames, loft-style areas, and even a slide. The array of designs means more room for creativity.

The flexibility aspect of detachable frames also provides a high level of freedom. Certain bunk bed models can detach and in the event that children require different rooms, for example, this can easily be done plus eliminates the need for purchasing them a new bed until they grow out if it.

Accommodate more for less

Does your home play host to an abundance of sleepovers? Thinking of having a roommate? Bunk beds can provide comfortable accommodations for your guests. Long gone are the days where you have to pump up an uncomfortable air mattress for your guests or scour the house for pillows and blankets for those who didn’t bring a sleeping bag. Bunk beds can provide guests with a cozy place to rest, no need for them to bring their own items!

Stay close to caregivers

For those that require a caregiver for health reasons, bunk beds make for a great, close accommodation option. Bunk beds allow caregivers to remain close to the person in need of care without taking up an abundance of space that may need to be allocated for other items. This can help alleviate stress and worry from loved ones of the person in need of care by ensuring that their caregiver has a comfortable place to rest within close proximity.

Are bunk beds only for children?

Contrary to popular belief, bunk beds aren’t JUST for children. Although the majority of bunk bed users are children, they are still a great option for adults who;

Live in a small space

Share a space with another person

Require a caregiver

Need an office/lounge area but lack space or lack the room

Own a rental property and want to accommodate a larger number of guests

Bunk beds have come a long way in recent years with many sporting new and innovative designs and features. There are many benefits of incorporating a bunk bed into a bedroom and the ability to be creative with it is an added bonus.

Looking to add a spunky new bunk bed to your next bedroom? Shop our wide selection today!

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