Bunk Beds Have Had The ULTIMATE Glow-up!

When thinking about bunk beds, most people tend to think about a bed on top of another bed. After all, that IS what a bunk bed is, right? While the bed-over-bed is a timeless classic and will still be around for years to come, bunk beds have certainly revolutionalized and become something for every age group. From queen-sized bunk beds to loft style bunk beds, the market continues to grow and new and creative ideas are brought forth constantly. Our bunk beds online shop has a wide array of bunk beds – from the classical to the innovative.

Thinking about obtaining a bunk bed for your space? Here are some styles to suit just about any needs:


Classic Bunk Beds

No matter what, we always think about the classics. Whether it be movies, comic books, or even bunk beds. What is a classic bunk bed? Simple – a bed and a bed. Classic bunk beds are a nifty space saver if you are trying to increase occupancy in a room without sacrificing walking room. There was a time when bunk beds were a staple of kids rooms, however, this classic style has certainly branched out. Twin, full/double, queen? You name it, we can bunk it. Classic bunk beds typically consist of two twin beds, however, with the growing popularity and the increase in interest from various age demographics, this style is available in an array of sizes; from two of the same to mix-and-match. Staying classic made simple at any age!


Staircase Bunk Beds

For those residing in the top bunk, getting up in the morning and navigating your way down a ladder may be challenging. For younger kids, especially, the classic ladder may be a tad much. Staircase bunk beds make it easy to go up and down and provide a heightened level of comfort for anyone utilizing the staircase. The staircase can be placed in one of two places; where ladders typically are, in front of the bottom bunk or at the end of the bed, leading to the foot of the top bunk. Staircases are a great option for; young children, those who have difficulty utilizing the regular ladder, or for those who are up and down frequently.

Want to save even more space? Several staircase bunk bed options come with drawers which can be found under each step. These spacious drawers can serve as storage for everything from clothing to toys to extra linens. Not only are staircase bunk beds a safe and aesthetically pleasing option, but they are also functional as well!


Loft Bunk Beds

Bunk beds aren’t just for those who share a room – individuals can benefit from them as well! Loft bunk beds are comprised of a single bed (top bunk) and an open space underneath. What you can do with this open space is up to you and it works as a great way to create a compact and cozy room that won’t comprise space.


What can you do with a loft bunk bed?

Create an office/study section by putting a desk, chair, and some cabinets in the loft area

Create a living room in your bedroom by putting a couch or chairs in the loft area

Utilize the loft area as extra storage by putting drawers, dressers, or cabinets in it

Create a play area for kids

The extra space under a loft bunk bed can serve a plethora of purposes that can be changed when needed. There’s room for creativity and functionality with this style of bunk bed and it’s layout works for just about anybody.


Colors, Styles, Layouts Galore!

What makes all these bunk bed styles similar and yet so different? A complex question with a simplistic answer – the come in an assortment of colors, styles, and layouts to match the other all aesthetic appeal of the room you are furnishing. Want a more modern and vibrant look? Opt for a solid wood white frame. Want a more elegant and classic look? Opt for a solid wood espresso frame. Perhaps you want something that neutral and will complement any room? Opt for a solid pine wood frame. Beyond color, the aforementioned frames can add a touch of flair to any bedroom from their creative layouts to the ability to interchange sizing.

There’s no denying that bunk beds have grown from what they once were. There was a time when bunk beds were just seen as an option for only children’s bedrooms. Today, they suit the needs of so many serve many functions and aesthetic appeal. From kids rooms to compact spaces to guest rooms, bunk beds are a great option when it comes to bringing out the space in any room.

Looking to add some space to a room in your home? Shop our catalog today and find the best bunk bed to suit your needs!